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Why You Should Consider Rose Gold Diamond Jewellery

If you are considering buying a piece of diamond jewellery, you might like to consider something a little different and opting for a rose gold setting.  But what is rose gold and what's so good about it? 

What is rose gold?

Rose gold, or red gold, is an amalgam of metals namely copper, silver, and yellow gold.  The end result is a subtle rosy-pink coloured metal that lends itself particularly well as a setting for diamonds.  Although the rose gold is an amalgam of several different metals, it is still classified as gold.  In fact, because gold in its purest form is very soft, it is always mixed with a quantity of some other metal to give it strength, so that it retains its shape when worked into jewellery. 

Rose gold is a popular material choice for rings, pendant chains, bracelets and earrings.   

Will rose gold keep its colour as it ages?

Although rose gold is resistant to chipping and will not tarnish, its copper component may become darker as it ages, especially if it is worn every day, for example as a diamond engagement or eternity ring, leaving it redder in colour than it was originally.  Far from detracting from the look of your jewellery, this feature gives it a lovely vintage look, and if you choose pink diamonds, the natural darkening of the rose gold will set them off beautifully.

Unlike white gold, which is coated with rhodium plating in order to give it its white surface colour, rose gold will not require recoating, as its integral components are physically mixed together, rather than just surface plated. 

Caring for rose gold

Rose gold does not require any special care.  As with all jewellery, it's not recommended that you wear it while handling household cleaning products, which could potentially damage the gold or the stones.  You can clean your rose gold jewellery by simply washing it in a mild solution of washing-up liquid and warm water, rinsing thoroughly, and drying it using a soft, lint-free cloth.

Over time, if the gold becomes scratched, you can take your piece to a jeweller to have it polished and professionally-cleaned.  This also presents you with a good opportunity to have your stone's setting checked to make sure that the stone is secure.

In conclusion

Rose gold makes a beautiful and unusual alternative to yellow gold.  When you are considering investing in a new piece of diamond jewellery, why not ask to see the range of rose gold jewellery offered by a good local jeweller?