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The Advantages of Mobile Card Payment Services

All over Australia, small companies and individuals provide services to their customers outside of a conventional retail environment. Just think of all the service providers there might be in a typical Australian city. From mobile hairdressers to gardeners and from dog walkers to child minders, there is a wide variety of entrepreneurs who provide their services without any base other than their own home.

One of the key problems roving service providers face is with their financial transactions once the job is finished, usually because they don't utilise dedicated point of sale systems. Therefore, most people simply rely on dealing in cash after their service has been delivered. This means ensuring that the customer has the right money or that you have enough dollars with you to offer change. All too often, a cheque needs to be issued which means a delay in payment and the possibility of it bouncing. The answer to these problems is mobile card payment services.

What are Mobile Card Payment Services?

Most people are familiar with a card machine that is mobile. They are frequently used in restaurants and bars so that customers can pay without having to leave their table. This sort of point of sale equipment communicates wirelessly to a base station which is usually connected to the vendor's service provider via a fixed telephone line. However, with the rise of smart technology and the development of user-friendly point of sale software, this sort of service is now able to be fully mobile. All you need to offer a card transaction service to your clients is a service provider which offers an app that you can download to your mobile device for payments.

How do Mobile Card Payment Services Work?

With fully mobile point of sales systems, customers are able to push their card into a reader and enter their PIN number in just the same way that they are used to. Once the transaction sum has been entered, the reader authorises the communication with your mobile device's software. Via its internet connection, the device then contacts the relevant service provider which either approves or declines the payment. Crucially, funds are released immediately and you can produce an electronic receipt as proof of payment which is then easy to email on to the customer. At all times during the process, the customer's banking details are encrypted so the service is incredibly secure, too.