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Cowhides: Different Men's Leather Dress Shoes You Can Shop For

When it comes to footwear, some men are notorious for having one or two pairs of favourite shoes that they will wear for both work and formal occasions. One of the more cliché phrases you will hear is "The shoes make the man". But there is a good reason for this. Your choice of footwear can make a world of difference in complementing the outfit you are wearing by adding a touch of style to your look. That is why every man should invest in a few pairs of dress shoes that would come in handy for both work and play. Below are some of the different types of leather dress shoes that you could shop for.

The Oxford

These are also referred to as Balmorals. Oxfords are a classic dress shoe option as they are both formal as well as elegant. You can find them in an array of colours but the most popular classic colours are brown and black. As a rule of thumb, the sleeker the Oxford is, the more formal it is. Oxfords are great footwear for work as well as business related functions. They are best paired with dress pants.

The Derby

Derby shoes are also known as Bluchers. They are constructed similarly to Oxfords with the main difference lying in their lacing. With Derbies, the lacing is sewn at the exterior of the showing, thus there will be visible flaps on the shoes. This conspicuous lacing style makes Derbies appear less formal than the classic Oxfords. Derbies come in a wide assortment of colours due to their informal nature. They are a convenient pair of dress shoes to own as they can be paired with a range of outfits including dress shorts, jeans and other forms of smart casual wear. Although Derbies are primarily made from leather, you can also find them in linen.

The Loafer

If you are an executive who constantly needs to travel, then the loafer would be your best friend. These shoes are quite comfortable to wear and easily slip on and off. This makes them convenient if you have to constantly go through airport security in your business travels. Moreover, loafers have a sleek design, which makes them an easy transition from casual travelling wear in the form of slacks to formal business wear in the form of a suit. Loafers will have an array of variations to their design and these will include tasselled decorations (for a less formal look), monk straps, penny loafers and more.

To find the best shoes for your wardrobe, work with a shoemaker who uses quality cowhides in their work.