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Two tips for those who need to shop for a professional microphone

If you are planning to pick up a professional microphone when you next go shopping, here are some tips that you might find helpful.

Ask for assistance

Professional microphones come in a vast array of styles and sizes and can differ greatly in terms of their sound sensitivity and suitability for specific environments (such as for example, a music studio or a large concert venue).

As such, it is sensible to seek out the assistance of the shop manager (or, if you're shopping online, to send a message to the owner of the online shop) and allow them to guide you in making the right choice.

If you fail to do this, and instead simply choose a microphone which looks good or which has a lengthy list of impressive-sounding specs, you may find yourself stuck with a costly microphone which is completely unsuitable for the setting in which you intend to use it.

This may result in you either being forced to use the wrong type of microphone (which may affect the sound quality of your studio or concert performance) or having to return it and purchase a more appropriate model.

Buy the best you can afford

If your budget will allow for it, it is worth purchasing the best microphone you can afford.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, a high-end microphone will make all the difference to how well your voice or your instrument is heard by your audience when you are singing, speaking or playing near this equipment. It will also have a huge impact on the clarity of your voice or instrument.

This, in turn, could have a significant impact on the quality of the live speeches or musical performances you give whilst using the microphone, as well as the quality of any music or other audio projects you create in a studio with this piece of equipment.

Secondly, a high-end professional microphone is likely to be more well-made than its low-cost counterpart. This is an important point to note if you plan to use your microphone frequently, as a high-end microphone won't deteriorate anywhere near as quickly as a cheaper one, even when subjected to daily usage.

In short, whilst you might find it painful to part with a large amount of cash for one piece of equipment, investing in a more expensive microphone now could save you the cost of having to replace this item later down the line.